If you have a soft spot for cute, little puppies with incredibly-adorable puppy dog eyes and fluffy fur, then this site is definitely the one for you! Welcome to CanicheToy.com, an online haven of nothing but precious, tiny poodles!

Caniche toys are simply called toy poodles in most countries. The term "caniche" means "duck dog" in French. It is usually used by Spanish people, too.Toy poodles are the smallest kinds of poodle, measuring not more than 28 centimeters or 11 inches. They are just like other poodles, except for the fact that they're very short and cuddlier. Toy poodles usually have round skulls, centered ears, and curly hair in different shades.

In terms of life expectancy, toy poodles can live up to 14 years. In addition, due to their little structure, toy poodles are more sensitive to falls, shocks and other life-threatening factors. Own a caniche toy now!